Compensation Claims

Anybody who suffers injury at the hands of another party or person has a basic legal right to claim compensation for their suffering. Compensation claims can be very helpful if you are rendered unable to work thanks to your injury, and many thousands of people make successful claims in the courts every year. We have expertise in this complex area of the law and, having already helped many people to make claims, we are confident that we can do the same for you. Our team of expert solicitors and advisers is on hand to do all they can to help.

Who Can Make Compensation Claims?

For a claim to be successful there needs to be proven negligence on the part of another in causing the injury. This could be in a professional or personal capacity, at work or in the home, or on the road or street. There are many examples of injury caused by faulty appliances, for example, that appear in compensation claims cases each year.

Negligence in Simple Terms

Negligence is, quite simply, the failure on the part of an individual or organisation to show the due care and attention expected of them. For example, you may have been injured in a car that was being driven recklessly, in which case the driver was acting negligently; you may have suffered at the hands of a medical practitioner who did not carry out their duties correctly. You could have been injured at work thanks to poorly maintained machinery – all of these are examples of negligence, and all are subject to compensation claims.

Making Compensation Claims

The most effective way of making compensation claims such as accident at work claims is to seek the help of a solicitor who has expertise in this area of the law. We can put you in touch with one who will offer a maximum compensation package, a no win no fee deal so you will not pay if unsuccessful, and up to £1000 as a cash advance on your compensation award.